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Discrimination Complaints

The Metrocom NAACP Branch does not provide legal representation or legal advice.


The Metrocom NAACP Branch does not provide legal representation or legal advice. The Legal Redress Committee is composed of volunteers that investigate allegations of discrimination that occurred within the Scott County, Iowa area to determine, what if any advocacy support can be provided. We only investigate complaints that occurred in the Scott County, Iowa area. However, we may provide legal information and referrals to other organizations that may provide the assistance needed. For legal advice, you should consult a local attorney.

How to Request a Complaint Form

Complainants may complete the (1) online, (2) fillable PDF, or (3) hard copy Discrimination Complaint Form. To request a PDF fillable or hard copy Complaint Form, go to Contact Us “General Inquiry” and submit your request. The fillable PDF form or the hard copy will be emailed to you.

The Use of the Official Complaint Form

The NAACP requires that all complainants submit the official “Discrimination Complaint Form.” The form must be completed, signed, and dated. Summarize the facts surrounding your complaint and add any additional supporting documents.

Submission of Complaint Form

Once submitted, your complaint will be forwarded to the Legal Redress Committee. A representative of the Legal Redress Committee will contact you via email using the email provided on the complaint form or by the phone number you provide. Please check your spam or junk folder if you do not receive a response in your email inbox.

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